Civic Motors Honda’s WALKAWAY Program

Civic Motors Honda’s WALKAWAY Program

Smart, Responsible Debt Protection

Civic Motors Honda is here to help you finance or lease with confidence, because we’ve got your back. You are protected from life’s unforeseen events with WALKAWAY, and it is protection we would recommend to our own family. WALKAWAY protects everyone without exception.

The advantage of dealing with Civic Motors Honda is that the WALKAWAY program protects you from the unexpected. Financing or leasing a vehicle can cause unexpected stress if your circumstances change, but at Civic Motors Honda you don’t have to worry: you’re protected! We believe that when you make a commitment to us, we should make one to you too.

WALKAWAY has protection for everyone. Take advantage of various coverage plans, from health, to disability, to job loss. There are no employment questions, no pre-existing health exclusions, and no age exclusions.

WALKAWAY also has a complimentary protection for Civic Motors Honda owners. If the unforeseen happens, we have you covered. WALKAWAY gives you the flexibility to return your vehicle and cancel your finance or lease contract without damaging your credit rating. We will help you return your vehicle and cancel up to $7,500 in debt for the following circumstances: involuntary unemployment, physical disability, loss of license (age or medical), accidental death, self-employed personal bankruptcy, and international job transfers.

In addition, enhance your coverage with higher benefit amounts, additional covered circumstances, or have your payments made in case of these circumstances: critical illness requiring hospitalization, temporary job layoff, mental disability, self-employed disability, and leave of absence (family or medical).

With the Civic Motors Advantage Protection, every vehicle, leased or financed, is protected. The coverage is extensive and can eliminate most, if not all, of your vehicle debt should life not go as planned.

Contact our financial service department today for more details on how to enhance your protection. Enjoy affordable, high quality protection for you and your family!

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