How Do I Find My Car In a Parking Lot? 9 Tips and Tricks

We’ve all been there. One minute, we are just leaving our favorite store, goodies in tow and the next minute we cannot remember where we parked our car. Luckily for you, we have some helpful tips to help you remember and find your vehicle.  

Before you Walk Away: 

  • Park near something identifiable, like a large tree or a unique sign. 
  • Take a photo of where you parked.  
  • Use an app to pin your vehicle’s location. There are many useful apps that will help you find your vehicle and even keep track of parking meters or road cleaners.  
  • Write a note  – written or electronic – describing where you parked. 
  • Make your vehicle stand out by adding an antenna topper to your vehicle.  

After It has Been Lost: 

  • Use the panic button. If you fear you might be too far away, place the key fob under your chin; your skull will act like a satellite and allow the signal to go farther. 

Credit to Car Throttle

  • Try to recall any distinguishable features near where you left it. Sometimes that is just enough to help you find it.  
  • Call the number posted on signs around the parking lot. Most places have these, and the operators can use your license plate number to help find your vehicle.  
  • If you are concerned your vehicle was towed, you can call Ottawa’s police department on their non emergency line at (613) 236-1222. 

If you have any questions or concerns, stop by Civic Motors Honda to speak to one of our professionals and what they’d recommend to help you not lose your car. Stop by our Parts Centre to shop for accessories to make your vehicle stand out.