Here are the Top Three Honda Vehicles Worth Considering for your Teen

It is finally time that your teenager is ready to get their license and become even more independent. This new phase is crucial for them to learn responsibility and become safe drivers. Along with driving school, it is important to educate them on car ownership and how to prepare for this new stage. 

When deciding between handing down your car or buying a new one, consider the type of vehicle that fits your teen's needs and has a good safety rating. Honda is a popular choice known for its crash-safety performance. 

Here are the top three Honda vehicles worth considering for your teen.

Image collage of a new Honda Civic, Accord, and Honda CR-V at Orleans Honda

Honda Civic 

The Honda Civic is a compact car that is known for its fuel efficiency, reliability, and practicality. The Civic features a sleek and modern design, advanced safety technologies, and a spacious and well-appointed interior. If you are looking for a vehicle with great gas mileage, the Civic is the best of the three. This is helpful if your teen has a long commute to school or work. The Civic is also a great car in terms of performance and fast enough to avoid being boring but still safe.  

Honda Accord 

The Honda Accord is a popular car choice for teenagers due to its combination of affordability, safety, and reliability. It offers a spacious interior with comfortable seating for passengers, making it a good option for those who frequently transport friends or carpool. Its ample trunk space provides enough room to store gear for sports or instruments for band. With its reputation for reliability, parents can feel confident that their teen is driving a car that will not break down frequently.  

Honda CR-V 

The CR-V is a great compact SUV that provides lots of space but is also great for all weather conditions. This vehicle is a popular choice for families and outdoor enthusiasts. Does your teen play a large musical instrument such as the cello or drums? Do they enjoy going up to the mountains to ski or snowboard? This great vehicle can haul all their items and provides a smooth ride.  

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Teen driver with parent

If you choose a hand-me-down or used car, here are some things you can do to ensure your vehicle and teen are ready to hit the road. 

  • Does the car need cleaning? Get it detailed so it is ready for your teen. This not only makes the car look new to them but also instills a sense of ownership. With no sign of the previous owner, it is now their responsibility to keep it clean. You can help by providing a portable vacuum, trash can, and a car wash subscription. 
  • It is important to go through the controls and features of the vehicle. No detail is too small such as learning to adjust mirrors and the driver's seat and wheel.  
  • Ensure the vehicle is equipped with the basics, such as an owner's manual, two sets of keys (one for you, just in case!), license, and registration. 
  • Take the vehicle in for an inspection. Make sure to have your teen involved in this process. Keep your teen informed of the future maintenance costs for the car. It is also a wonderful time to talk about future maintenance to keep note of, such as the next oil change, when the tires should be changed or rotated, brakes, battery, and alternator test, etc. 
  • Consider purchasing an AAA membership for your teen in case they need help, and you are unable to provide it, such as changing a tire or in case the vehicle breaks down. This can give you peace of mind knowing they will be taken care of. 

In conclusion, preparing your teen for driving and their car for the road is a crucial step in ensuring their safety and well-being on the road. By following the tips and guidelines mentioned in this blog, you can give your teen the confidence and skills they need to be a safe and responsible driver. Remember, communication and ongoing education are key to keeping your teen safe on the road. Happy driving! 

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