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Originally from, written by Anthony Alaniz. Original can be found here. The future could look quite slick. It will be 20 years before Honda transforms into a fully electric brand, wit...Read More

Originally from, written by Aaron Gold. Original article here. Honda is the latest automaker to announce it will eliminate all production of internal combustion engines with a plan ...Read More

The weather is heating up and with warmer weather, people are leaving their homes more to enjoy the sunshine. While we can’t suggest going to a party, we would like to suggest a few COVID safe a...Read More

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to figure out how to have the most fun on this spooky holiday. If you have little ones or even tweens, we’re sure you’re wondering what kind of act...Read More

Arriving soon to Civic Motors Honda, the 2021 Civic Type R and Type R Limited Edition will begin arriving this month. During the pre-order for the Limited Edition, 100 units were sold in just 4 mi...Read More

Disinfecting right now is really important for everyone’s health and safety. You may have already disinfected your household, maybe even your electronics, but have you disinfected your vehicle...Read More

If there’s one thing that dads are known for, is for their love of cars. Your dad may not be a car person but that’s ok, we’re suggesting gifts for all kinds of dads! New dads, car dads, mo...Read More

Most vehicle owners know that the price tag of a vehicle is not the only money you’ll pay in the vehicle’s lifetime. Fuel, repairs, replacement parts, maintenance, etc... they all contrib...Read More

Staying at home for long periods of time can get boring. That’s why we’re providing these free sketches for you to work on! Click the link and download the files. After they’re downloaded, y...Read More


With an unprecedented situation like COVID-19, Honda has responded by standing up for local communities. Initiating an effort in the spirit of community, Honda has pledged $1 million to food...Read More