Best Car Accessories To Get For Father’s Day

If there’s one thing that dads are known for, is for their love of cars. Your dad may not be a car person but that’s ok, we’re suggesting gifts for all kinds of dads! New dads, car dads, motorcycles dads, dads who aren’t car guys, dads who are handy, dads who aren’t handy and all between. 


For the Car Dads: 

  • Moonroof visors 
  • Spoilers 
  • Trunk trays 
  • Grille Accents 
  • Armrest Illumination kit 
  • Seat back protectors 
  • Seat protectors 
  • Fender trims 
  • Seat covers 
  • Graphics packages 
  • Homelink attachment kits 

For the Dads who aren’t car enthusiasts: 

  • Wireless Chargers 
  • Heated steering wheel 
  • Parking sensor attachment 
  • Kayak attachment 
  • Roof racks 
  • Bike Attachment 
  • Seat covers 

For the Motorcycle Dads: 

  • Homelink attachment kits 
  • Motorcycle covers 
  • Saddle bags 
  • Honda Battery charger 
  • Custom Rider Seats 
  • Accent LED kits 

All these accessories can be found on Honda’s accessories page which can be found on the dealership’s website. Take a look and see if you can find something for your dad!