2024 Prologue

Neo-Rugged Design

An exterior aesthetic rooted in ruggedness and simplicity, anchored by 19″ and available 21″ aluminum-alloy wheels.

Undeniable Utility

A spacious cabin, ample cargo room, and 1,500 lbs of towing capacity* help ensure the Prologue keeps up with your adventurous lifestyle.


A Fresh New Fascia

A rugged appearance with simple lines gives the Prologue its signature neo-rugged aesthetic. A look spearheaded by a refined face and an active shutter grille designed to open and close to manage airflow and aerodynamics.

Conquer Every Mile in Neo-Rugged Style

Enjoy a neo-rugged aesthetic and aerodynamic design that enhances efficiency while reducing wind noise inside the cabin for a quieter ride.


Reimagined Centre Console

By moving the shifter to a more ergonomic place on the steering wheel, we created more space for a centre console that now provides more first-row storage and convenience for all passengers. In the front: upper and lower storage trays, a large bin, two cupholders, two USB-C ports, a 12V outlet, and a Honda-first pocket-type wireless charger. In the back: two more USB-C ports, a storage cubby, and an available 110V outlet.

Peak Performance You Can Depend On

The Prologue marks our next step in the evolution of mobility, delivering the same level of quality, reliability, and performance you’ve come to expect from Honda, now in an all-electric SUV.


Dual-Motor AWD

The dual-motor AWD doesn’t just generate up to 288 hp* and up to 333 lb.-ft.* of near-instant torque, but provides optimal traction by transferring power to whichever wheel needs it most. Coupled with a low centre of gravity and the longest wheelbase in its class (3,094 mm), the Prologue is engineered to ensure handling that’s agile and thrills by the mile.

Regenerative Braking Paddle Shifter

Control, efficiency, and exhilaration are at your fingertips with a regenerative-braking paddle shifter. Located just behind the steering wheel, this paddle shifter will help you harness the energy typically lost during deceleration and convert it into electric power, helping conserve the charge of your Prologue even while driving.


Honda’s First Pocket-Type Wireless Charger

No more cords, fumbling, or hassles with our new compact wireless charger. Simply put your compatible device in the pocket-type sleeve located right behind the cupholders and… voilà! You’re charging.

11″ HD Digital Instrument Cluster

The 11″ fully-digital instrument cluster conveniently conveys essential info: speedometer, odometer, power output, battery power, and more. It even connects you to your compatible device’s music, messages, and more, all with the touch of a button on the steering wheel. Plus, when your Prologue is turned off and charging, it gives you a charging status readout, so you’ll know exactly how long you have before reaching an optimal battery charge.


Tech Designed to Help Keep You Safe

The Prologue has intuitive technologies designed to help keep you, and everyone on the road around you, safer.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)*

The ACC* system is an intelligent cruising system engineered to adapt to the speed of vehicles detected ahead. When a detected vehicle slows to a stop, it can stop your Honda as well. After stopping, a tap on the throttle re-engages ACC*.

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