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Honda Pre-Owned Vehicles

Stock number : 14-1519a

2007 Honda Civic EX

58,203 KM - Automatic
Stock number : 13-0546a

2011 Honda Civic DX-G

64,504 KM - Manual
Stock number : 14-0765a

2010 Honda Civic DX-G

43,821 KM - Manual
Stock number : 14-1238a

2009 Honda Civic DX-G

65,012 KM - Automatic
Stock number : p2845

2010 Honda Civic Sport

50,852 KM - Automatic
Stock number : p2815

2011 Honda Civic SE

48,619 KM - Automatic
Stock number : p2928

2012 Honda Civic LX

43,429 KM - Automatic
Stock number : p2926

2013 Honda Civic LX

17,210 KM - Automatic
Stock number : 14-1566a

2012 Honda Civic LX

40,505 KM - Automatic
Stock number : p2900

2012 Honda Civic EX-L

67,274 KM - Automatic
Stock number : p2931

2011 Honda CR-V LX

40,395 KM - Automatic
Stock number : P2510

2011 Honda CR-V EX

58,550 KM - Automatic
Stock number : p2890

2011 Honda CR-V EX

64,315 KM - Automatic
Stock number : p2891

2011 Honda CR-V EX

64,383 KM - Automatic
Stock number : p2790

2011 Honda CR-V EX-L

46,059 KM - Automatic
Stock number : 15-0201a

2011 Honda CR-V EX-L

34,421 KM - Automatic
Stock number : p2789

2011 Honda CR-V EX-L w/Navi

58,758 KM - Automatic
Stock number : p2844

2012 Honda CR-V EX-L

61,563 KM - Automatic
Stock number : p2929

2012 Honda Odyssey EX

N/A - Automatic
Pre-Owned high-quality models

If you are looking for a reliable and durable used car, you know it takes time to properly evaluate the options available on the market. At Civic Motors, we have tried to simplify the process by offering only high-quality, certified and inspected pre-owned vehicles.

So choose your next used vehicle with confidence when you come to Civic Motors. All used vehicles you will discover in our dealership have been carefully selected by a team of experts whose goal is to provide a range of models that can fill several needs while being affordable.

If we do not have the used vehicle you want, we are able to find it for you! Just make an appointment with a representative of our pre-owned vehicle department and inform him or her of your needs. This is just another way Civic Motors offers the very best used car buying experience.

If you wish to learn more about our used car inventory, contact Civic Motors today at 1-855-829-0011 or by making an appointment with one of our sales representatives by filling out our contact form.

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